Alexander Hayes

CEO/co-founder Strensor Systems, Country Manager at Gymhopper (acquired by myClubs).

Philippe Wenk

PhD student at ETH Center for Learning Systems

Abtin Houshan

Formula 1 engineer with MSc. from ETH Zürich


Patrick Bowen, PhD | Strategy

Co-founder Strensor Systems, Metacept, and Neurophos (AI processors using light)

Prof. Andreas Holzinger | AI

Head of Human-Centered AI Lab, AI consultant for US, UK, and Swiss governments and the EC

Jan Blatt | Manufacturing

Justin Flanagan, J.D. | IP

Partner at Phillips Ryther & Winchester 

Dr. Michael Hähnle | Strategy

Manager SCALEup Growth, Lecturer

Dr. Radek Drsata | Sales

Experienced sales and interim manager

Former head of production at Viewpointsystem

Doris Kumar | Commercial law

Associate at EY Law