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AI controllers for high-speed doors in industrial cold storage


The problem with high-speed doors

Collisions | Forklifts regularly run into and destroy doors 

Airflow | Long and unnecessary openings cause high energy costs


Forklifts in the $ 200 B industrial cold storage facilities regularly run into and destroy expensive automatic high-speed doors. Door repairs take days or weeks when parts have to be custom made and service staff is overbooked. Many storage halls only have one or two points of entry, which means having a door stuck halfway creates chaos and can shut down operations, while forcing the door back open can interrupt the cold chain. Besides a factory fire, this dilemma is the worst nightmare of many facility managers.


Since the 15 m tall cold storage halls are one giant tinderbox, airborne oxygen is often liquified and removed to suffocate fires. Air let in during door openings thereby creates massive energy costs in addition to the already large cost of cooling the warm air down to roughly -25°C.


Inaccessible storage


Cooling costs


Cold chain interruptions


Logistics chaos


Oxygen extraction costs


Repair costs

The Solution


(Patent pending)

Retrofit your high-speed doors with an AI control unit that predicts forklift trajectories and opens exactly when needed

Prevent collisions

Reduce airflow 3-4 x



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Alexander Hayes - CEO

  • CEO/Co-founder of high-tech B2B

  • Country Manager of a fast growing startup

  • Predictive control background

Philippe Wenk - Tech

  • PhD student at ETH Center for Learning Systems

  • Robotics MSc

Abtin Houshan - Tech

  • F1 engineer

  • Head of Aeordynamics at ETH Zürich's driverless racing team

  • Mechanical Engineering MSc



Patrick Bowen, PhD | Strategy

Co-founder Strensor Systems, Metacept, and Neurophos (AI processors using light)

Jean-Yves Côuet | PLC, Controls

16 years @ Schneider Electric as Product Manager, PLC Programmer, Field Service Technician

Prof. Andreas Holzinger | AI

Head of Human-Centered AI Lab, AI consultant for US, UK, and Swiss governments and the EC

Jan Blatt | Manufacturing

Head of production at Viewpointsystem

Dr. Radek Drsata | Sales

Experienced sales and interim manager

Doris Kumar | Commercial law

Associate at EY Law

Manager SCALEup Growth, Lecturer

Dr. Michael Hähnle | Strategy

Dr. Florian Emaury | Strategy

CEO & Co-founder Menhir Photonics

Justin Flanagan, J.D. | IP

Partner at Phillips Ryther & Winchester 



CHF 40 000 from Venture Kick

1st place inits demo day (German)



CHF 50k loan with default conversion at CHF 5 M valuation

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€ 10k Patent cheque


€ 8k grant



High-tech accelerator


AplusB Scaleup (80% startup survival rate after 7 years)