AI control for automatic doors in cold storage




Ever ran into an automatic door with a forklift?


This happens even in the most well-managed factories - drivers are human.

Eleatec developed Dooris – an intelligent control unit that thinks ahead, and makes space even for a distracted forklift driver. This thinking ahead also lets it eliminate the majority of airflow compared to state-of-the-art controllers.

It is being built to easily retro-fit existing automatic doors and give them an instant performance boost, impacting the bottom line from day one.


Reduce Airflow

  • Save millions of $ in yearly electric bills 

  • Reduce temperature fluctuations & protect cold chains

  • Prevent moisture and ice buildup

  • Keep dust, insects, and birds out

  • Helps comply with the European energy efficiency law

Prevent collisions

  • Fewer workplace accidents

  • Save money on repairs

  • Prevent factory downtime

  • Eliminate logistics bottlenecks


What we're up to

Eleatec is driven to save energy wherever possible, so that we can stick around a little longer as a a species.  The cold storage sector currently is forced to spend billions of $ on electricity every year, making it a great place to start!

We're looking for 1-2 more industry leading firms in refrigerated storage or manufacturing for a pilot implementation.

If you want to be a first mover in this field, to save the planet while improving your bottom line (or are an impact investor), get in touch with us!

Alexander Hayes, CEO​

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